Planning Your Visit

Discover all of the information you need for your first appointment at Vision Institute Northwest.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

  • We want to be ready for you before you arrive! We ask that you complete all of your applicable Patient Forms before your appointment. We may call you to update your medical history verbally before your appointment if you are unable to complete it online. We will also do our best to verify your insurance information, so may contact you if we need more information.
  • We have check in kiosks in our lobby to scan your ID and insurance cards and to notify the staff that you are here. Simply follow the prompts at the kiosks or ask our front desk staff if you have any questions.
  • Once we have you checked in, our technicians will complete some preliminary testing with you for the doctor. We will take retinal screening photos for all comprehensive eye exams, which the doctor will review with you in office.
  • Our doctors will discuss all information gathered and prescribe a customized solution for your needs.
  • Our friendly opticians will help you fill the prescriptions provided by the doctor and go over your insurance plan and how to best maximize your benefits.
  • Glasses orders are typically ready in ten business days and contact lens orders are ready in five business days. Contact lens orders can be directly shipped to your house or to our office, just let us know your preference.

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